Platte River Networks launched the Women in Technology Scholarship in 2013 to assist and motivate young women in Colorado to pursue a degree in technology. The technology industry in the United States is growing rapidly and the disparity of men to women working in the field is getting wider. There is a great need for more educated and certified professional women in this field.  As of 2020, WIT has helped over twenty young women pursue degrees in technology providing over $50,000 in scholarships.


In 2018 Platte River Networks partnered with the Denver Scholarship Foundation and the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce for the benefit of the WIT Scholarship. This new alliance between three Colorado organizations helps grow and strengthen the WIT Scholarship, which is dedicated to high school senior girls who will soon pursue college.  To date, the new alliance has generated over $20,000 in new scholarship funding.

”We are so proud and honored to provide our WIT scholarship to these amazing and deserving young women,” stated David DeCamillis, VP of Sales and Marketing at Platte River Networks and co-founder of the WIT Scholarship. “We created this scholarship seven years ago in order to help motivate more young women to pursue degrees in the STEM fields. Through the help of the Denver Scholarship Foundation and the Colorado Women’s Chamber of Commerce we have been able to increase our reach and help even more young women in technology.”



The Denver Scholarship Foundation inspires and empowers Denver Public Schools’ students to enroll in and graduate from postsecondary institutions of higher education, by providing the tools, knowledge, and financial resources essential for success.

The Denver Scholarship Foundation makes college possible for thousands of Denver Public Schools’ graduates each year. For many students in Denver, continuing their education beyond high school doesn’t seem like a viable option.

Most often, it’s not low grades or lack of extracurricular activities keeping them from pursuing their dreams. There are thousands of intelligent, hard-working individuals facing the most intimidating barrier to college of all – they think it just isn’t possible. But the Denver Scholarship Foundation is changing that. We’re making college possible for Denver’s students. For more information on DSF please go to: https://denverscholarship.org/

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Schoolgirl sitting in front of a computer in a high school class