Kristyn Drennen

Vice President of People & Culture

Kristyn Drennen spent 8 years of her career in business development, driving results and achieving consistent growth in critical metrics across a multi-state market for Nestle Nutrition. During this time, she was also trained on StrengthsFinder and Employee Engagement methodologies by some of the Gallup Organization’s best coaches.  Kristyn left Nestle to pursue a consulting career, leveraging her business-building experience and Gallup training to help smaller organizations achieve astounding results. She worked with a wide variety of organizations across Colorado and Texas to drive strategic vision and execution through proven practices. Kristyn joined Platte River, one of her favorite clients, as a full-time team member in 2017.

Outside of work, Kristyn enjoys running, travel and watersports. She has run 8 half marathons from the Atlantic City Boardwalk Marathon to the Las Vegas Rock-n-Roll at night and all over Colorado. She and her husband spend time camping, boating, travelling, and enthusiastically supporting their five kids play basketball, volleyball, and football.

I’m the mechanic that keeps our fleet running at optimum performance! Whether it’s adding a turbocharger, tuning up for efficiency, or installing a navigation system, I help our team firing on all cylinders while staying on course toward the finish line. My diverse business experience across a variety of industries, along with specialized training in various methodologies, makes me a master mechanic in business regardless of industry. As the Vice President of People & Culture, I have the unique role of partnering with all leaders in the business to develop and execute on our strategic plan. Each person has their own greatness to uncover and leverage, and I’m honored to help each of them define their unique contribution to the organization and make consistent, meaningful progress while playing to their natural strengths. I love the culture that’s been built here over the last 15 years, and I’m excited to be part of expanding upon it as we continue to evolve! I support our team with training and development, engagement initiatives, and elevating the client experience. I help find new talent to join our growing team but also assist current team members in pursuing promotions and growing into new roles.