Through our national partnerships with major technology hardware and software providers; our clients can purchase technology products at significant discounts and have direct access to vendor support for their products and services.

Platte River Networks’ Procurement Services address the technology acquisition challenges of today’s businesses helping our customers:

  • Reduce technology acquisition costs
  • Streamline the product selection process
  • Get expert advice & support
  • Leverage direct vendor relationships
  • Capitalize on product installation expertise and skills
  • Life cycle management, warranty & software licensing
  • Gain flexibility to finance the purchase & installation
  • Safely recycle replaced technology hardware

Our Procurement specialists evaluate and purchase all technology hardware and software from hundreds of manufacturers across the globe including:

  • Laptops, desktops, tablets
  • Servers, SANs, NAS, storage devices
  • Firewalls, switches, routers
  • Wireless controllers and access points
  • Monitors, flat screens and digital signage
  • Application software
  • Microsoft Software Licensing
  • Office 365, Adobe, QuickBooks cloud and more
  • Accessories, supplies and cables
  • Cloud software & services
  • Telecom bandwidth & circuits

Our highly experienced team of procurement specialists & solution engineers assist with:

  • Technology research and selection process
  • Purchase & payment processing
  • Shipping & delivery management 
  • Installation and documentation
  • Warranty & software licensing management
  • E-waste disposal

“The Platte River Support technician was very attentive and helpful to get my email password set up and
he did it in a timely manner and he was very polite and professional. Thank you!”

Bob G., National Catering Company - Chef


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