Microsoft Teams, the hub for team collaboration in Microsoft 365, integrates the people, content, and tools your team needs to be more engaged and effective including meetings and conferencing, calling, chat, document sharing and cloud storage.

Get more out of Microsoft Teams with these features

Video conferencing

Make meetings more personal and increase your productivity by collaborating in real time.

Screen sharing

Keep everyone on the same page by sharing your screen so they can see the same content.

Custom backgrounds

Create the perfect virtual setting by choosing, uploading, or blurring your background.

Together mode

Digitally sit in a shared background, making it feel like you’re in the same room with everyone else.1

File sharing

Co-author files in real time. Securely store, access, share, and collaborate on files from anywhere.

Apps and workflows

Streamline tasks and critical business processes by integrating apps and workflows.

Market availability

Available in 53 languages and 181 markets. Connect across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Privacy and security

Meet regulatory, legal, and organizational needs with industry-leading compliance offerings.

Platte River Networks delivers comprehensive company collaboration through Microsoft Teams providing:

  • Chat, Meetings, Calling & Collaboration all-in-one communication platform
  • Increase productivity by collaborating real time
  • Empowers your employees to be more flexible
  • Make meetings more personal
  • Boost employee engagement

With 588 applications and more third-party development every day, download our infographic to learn how to maximize your Microsoft Investment.

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