Self-driving cars represent a technology of the future that is designed to improve people’s lives. They have the potential to make people safer and more productive. While fully automated cars are some ways off from being seen day-to-day on the roads, some of the technology is showing up in cars today. We have cars that park themselves, correct your steering if you drift into another lane and automatically brake if the car in front of you breaks suddenly. Being able to see the long-term technical goals and implement changes to get Platte River Networks there is fundamental to my role.

As the Director of Technology & Innovation, I need to ensure that Platte is able to understand future needs of our clients. The technical landscape is always changing and the needs of our clients are always changing. This can take some “out of the box” thinking. Designing solutions that improve how people & companies work is key. This takes understanding a company as a whole and how small changes impacts the entire IT system. We are a service based company. To provide the best service, it takes more than solid technology, it also an outstanding user experience.

I’m also responsible for developing our internal toolset. As an IT service provider we need reliable, best of breed tools that allow us to solve problems quickly and
efficiently. We need to be able to gather data and display it for our technicians in a clear, actionable way. I enjoy seeing a system I’ve implemented or automated
impact my teams. I want to allow my techs to do more in an easy, intuitive way.

Being able to shape how things are done and seeing the results of these decisions is very rewarding. The results of my efforts are seen in the community as well.
Platte River Networks was ranked Best Place to Work (Denver Business Journal) and was voted IT company of the year by (Colorado Biz Magazine) for 3 consecutive years. I’m able to make sure that we’re able to provide exceptional service to our client and ensure that the employees are happy and excited to do the work. Technology is ever-changing and growing, we as a company need to be also.