I chose a premium electric car for the vehicle that most resembles me and my role at Platte River Networks. The Tesla Model S is inspired by an endurance athlete and has the highest safety rating.

My role as VP of Sales and Marketing requires me to constantly push the envelope by keeping our brand fresh and vibrant but also staying in front of prospects so we can continue to grow the company.  The newest premium electric cars on the market today are integrating the latest tech advancement into powerful, fast and high performance vehicles.  These cars allow me to use all my tech toys including my tablet, smartphones, apps and music within my vehicle while I am driving.  Sleek, modern, fast, economical and very high tech– that’s what I strive to be!

For two decades, David DeCamillis worked in financial consulting and production in a wide range of industries. Starting in the late 1980s, he worked as a syndicate manager and consultant in private equity funding.  After 12 years, DeCamillis transitioned into event production, working as an overseas concert promoter and producer in partnership with MTV Asia.  

In 2008, DeCamillis started his tenure as Head of Business Development with Platte River Networks (PRN), an award-winning, Denver-based IT firm that specializes in infrastructure management and cloud services for companies across every industry.  Over the past 15 years, PRN has grown to become a leading IT managed services provider, both in Denver and nationally. Platte River Networks has been honored with 24 technology, service and growth awards over the past three years including ten awards in 2016.

DeCamillis was honored by Colorado Biz Magazine in July 2014 issue as one of the Top 10 Sales People in Colorado. In addition, he serves as the President and a founder of Denver Technology Partners and the President of the Denver Biz Tech Expo. He also serves on Channel Partners National Advisory Board, The Channel National Advisory Board and the Colorado Association of Legal Administrators Advisory Board. Outside of work, DeCamillis is an avid runner, biker, hiker, skier, reader and traveler. He enjoys spending time at the beach and the mountains with his family and has a love of public speaking.