Platte River Life Balance Program: Wellness Rewards & Fit Company Challenge

Health is a hot topic in our culture, and at Platte River Networks we strive to lead our team by example when it comes to healthy living! In order to realize a successful work and life balance, we focus daily on overall achievement and enjoyment both at work, at home and in life outside of work and home. We strive to:

  • Set manageable goals
  • Be effective with your time
  • Communicate effectively
  • Unplug
  • Don’t over commit
  • Stay Active
  • Treat your body right
  • Divide and conquer
  • Ask for help

Platte River Networks is committed to providing resources and benefits that enable our team to focus at work and enjoy a balanced, healthy life overall. The current program includes a wide variety of voluntary benefits, like an on-site gym, professional nutritional support, personal training classes, paid time off and remote work options, team outings, and interpersonal skill development from their Gallup-trained StrengthsFinder coach.

In an effort to encourage participation in the wellness program, Platte River Networks rewards employee that utilize the aforementioned elements of the overall Life Balance program. Employees can earn points by completing activities that contribute to overall health, like bringing a healthy lunch to work, completing a personal training class, running/walking in a race, or attending a nutrition class with our personal trainers. Employees can earn points toward great prizes like customize Yeti Tumblers, athletic apparel and gift cards!

In addition to the Wellness Rewards program, our employees are experiencing the benefits of lifestyle modification. Employees have lost weight (a combined 74 pounds in just two months!), changed their eating habits, and established better sleeping habits!

To continue promoting healthy lifestyle for our staff, we have also committed to the 2018 Denver Bit Company Challenge.

Since 2015, Fit Company has hosted this corporate team fitness challenge for over 10,000 participants across all fitness levels, ages, and company sizes. Most of the companies that take part each year use the challenge to ignite their wellness programs, promote healthy living, and create engagement around fitness and health. Others use the challenge simply to get their team together for some awesome team building and fun! You can check out a video of a recent challenge at


On September 22, 2018, Platte River employees will tackle three versatile fitness courses, testing their strength, stamina and conditioning on the field. Every event is custom tailored to suit all age groups and fitness levels, ensuring no one gets left behind and everyone has a blast. We are sending 16 excited team members to represent Platte River and battle their way to a top-ranking finish! Stay tuned for results in next month’s newsletter.

There’s still time to register your team and compete with Platte River in the Denver Fit Company Challenge! Check out email info@fitcompany.comfor more details.

Want to learn more about what Platte River is doing to create a healthy, fun work environment? Contact Kristyn Drennen, Director of Organizational Development at 303-928-7990 or