Craft Beer with Microsoft and Dell

At Platte River, we know executives are strapped for time so if there is news worthy of spreading, we don’t preach: we sit down and buy you a beer. At least a couple times every year, we send out invites to a handpicked selection of businesses. Then, we break bread and toast at the Ale House in the Highlands, near our office in Lodo.

Yesterday, our turnout was great. A community representative from Microsoft discussed the major changes to Windows 8 so that it becomes more mouse and business friendly. Our Dell representatives discussed their recent advancements and policy changes within Dell since Michael Dell regained control and made them private again. At the front, that’s me, waiting patiently for the Beer Master to tell us how our beer was made and why they chose to pair it with the dish.

We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who came to join us yesterday at the Ale House.

Have a great weekend,

David D.