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On behalf of Platte River Networks, we want to extend our thanks out to our supportive community for making 18 years possible. 


Platte River Networks helped create and is directly involved in the Women in Technology Scholarship, founded in 2013 to assist and motivate Denver Public High School Seniors to pursue a degree in technology. The disparity of men to women working in the technology field continues to grow. We welcome all applicants pursuing any degree related to technology which can include computer science, business, marketing, sales, engineering, design, etc. 

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In order to ensure our customers recycle responsibility, we provide complimentary e-waste technology recycling. We partner with Techno-Rescue a fully certified Colorado Electronics Recycling and Data Destruction E- waste company. It is illegal and socially irresponsible to throw your electronics in the trash. Responsible electronics recycling also includes the safe and proper disposal of data still residing on old technology. 


Platte River Networks is a founding partner of the Denver Biz Tech Expo (DBTE)- the premier technology event in Colorado for business. DBTE founded in 2010, attracts over 60 of the leading tech cloud, hardware, software, and service vendors from across the country and over 800 business decision makers from over 500 Colorado companies-small to enterprise across every industry. 


Big Idea Project provides a student-centered approach to education that connects the head and the heart through experiential learning, resulting in personal development that goes beyond knowledge. Through our sponsorship we work with the Big Idea Project and students to encourage and advise young leaders to provide real-world learning opportunities, foster students’ career goals, and build lasting relationships. Platte River Networks became a Big Idea Project partner five years ago and continues to support and volunteer for this amazing organization.